What keeps us healthy?

A strong immune system, a balanced diet and many other measures serve to preserve health. Regular exercise for example not only reduces stress, but simultaneously strengthens the own ability to master burdening situations.

We can do something to promote our health. This thought of health promotion follows the medical research of salutogenesis. The research of salutogenesis (Latin salus – health, Greek. genesis – development) goes back to the medical sociologist Aaron Antonovsky (*1923 – †1994). It deals with the cause of development and preservation of health. The goal is to understand self-healing powers and processes of recovery and to use this knowledge therapeutically.

In contrast to salutogenesis, pathogenesis deals with the development of illnesses. Both sciences complement each other.

The Leonardis Foundation has set itself the goal to expand the knowledge base of salutogenesis and to utilize it therapeutically in an effective manner. Based on a holistic view of the human being and integrated medicine the bridge between fundamental research, clinical research and practice is built. Findings from conventional medicine are complemented with naturopathic measures – both in prevention and in disease control.

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